About Me

I offer a range of Garden Services including maintenance, design, consultation and one to one gardening guidance sessions.

I trained at Capel Manor College where I subsequently redesigned a tired show garden within the college grounds in preparation for Her Majesty the Queen’s visit in 2010.

I now teach at Capel Manor’s School of Garden Design & Plantsmanship.

To say I love gardens is a bit of an understatement and if your garden is in need of some tender loving care, be it a full redesign or a little clean up, do enquire and I am confident I can help you get the garden you aspire to have.

I pride myself at being able to work closely with clients and allow them to attain the garden they really want rather than imposing my favourite style. My approach is site and client specific, always putting the unique character of each garden and its owner at the forefront of what I do.

Contact me on 07904 99 55 92